Outdo Alluminum Alloy Rimless Case


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  • Aluminum alloy frameless cover: is carefully crafted with a modern, borderless design made of high-quality aluminum. It offers a perfect mix of aesthetics and durability.

  • Washable: The washable surface allows easy maintenance and care, so you can keep your cover clean and flawless with minimal effort.

  • Anti-fingerprint: Integrated technology against fingerprints repels smears and fingerprints and ensures that your cover looks slim and flawless at all times.

  • Scratch-resistant: The cover is reinforced with a scratch-resistant coating that provides reliable protection against scratches and abrasion and preserves the flawless appearance of your device.

  • With holder: With an integrated holder, the cover provides convenient, hands-free use and allows you to set up your device for convenient viewing or video calls.

  • Lightweight: Despite its robust construction, the cover remains lightweight to maintain the slim profile of your device while providing improved protection.

  • Non-slip: With a non-slip texture, the cover provides a secure hold and reduces the risk of accidental slipping or falling and ensures peace of mind during daily use.

  • Wireless charging: Compatible with wireless charging technology, the cover allows convenient charging without removal and offers seamless functionality.

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